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Tattoo Enquiry

If you would like to book a tattoo appointment with Helen Warren Art please complete this form and I will get back to you. If you have any questions have a look at the Helen Warren Art frequently asked questions below where most of the common questions have been answered. 

Before Your Appointment

Please send any images/tattoos you've seen already that you like and why you like them, so I can get a clear picture of what you’re thinking and what you want to achieve.


Let me know the area you wish to be tattooed, and attach clear photos, taken in daylight. Selfies don’t work so If you can get someone else to take them please.


Is there a theme you’re looking at for Roman, Gladiator, Greek Mythology, Viking, Nature, Wildlife, Horror, Skulls, Smoke, Death, Portraits?


A deposit payment of £100 (non refundable) is required on all bookings, in advance. The deposit payment covers design, artwork and stencil creation time.


In the event of you cancelling the appointment the deposit is completely non refundable. It Is transferable onto a new date should you decide to rearrange, so long as there Is at least 2 weeks prior notice. 

In the unlikely event that I choose to not tattoo you for any reason, then of course, I would refund you. If for some reason I have to cancel the appointment due to Illness, travel, conventions, etc. then i will offer the first available date to move your appointment and the deposit will be carried over.


The remaining balance is payable by cash only on the day of the tattoo.

Thanks for submitting!

On The Day Of Your Appointment

Please arrive on time to your appointment and wear suitable clothing to cover the tattooed area on breaks and after the appointment.


You may be here for a long time so please bring food and drinks to minimise leaving the studio. Also please note you should not drink alcohol the day before your appointment.


Please be aware if anyone is coming along with you that they cannot stay at the studio for the duration of the day.

Please make sure you eat breakfast prior to being tattooed!

If you have any sort of contagious virus or flu we cannot under any circumstances tattoo you as it puts us and other clients at risk.

The Tattoo Studio operates a strict no smoking policy.

  • Can I apply numbing cream?
    Please do not apply any numbing creams prior to your appointment, if so I will not tattoo you. These creams comprise the skin, making it harder to achieve a good result and ultimately a good heal.
  • Should I shave before my appointment?
    Please don’t attempt to remove body hair from the area you are being tattooed. This avoids any nicks, cuts and shaving rashes.
  • Can I use a sunbed before my appointment?
    Do not use sunbeds before your appointment. I recommend waiting 4 weeks after the appointment. we cannot tattoo tanned or sun burnt skin!
  • How long do I have to wait before going on holiday after a tattoo?
    I'd recommend at least 4 weeks - 2 weeks for the tattoo to heal, then another 2 weeks out of the sun and before going in the pool or sea. After that please use a high factor sunscreen (50 or 70spf)
  • Do you do cover ups?
    Most of the time if you wish to have a coverup done I would suggest that you receive laser treatment to fade down the tattoo first. Please forward any necessary photos to me.
  • Im nearly 18, can I get a tattoo?
    Nevermore has a policy strictly for clients that are 18 years and over. Proof of age is required by way of photographic ID. The Tattooing of Minors Act makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo.
  • Can I drop in for a consultation?
    Unfortunately not, as we are a small i private studio with no waiting area, I recommend arranging a scheduled time for a consultation. Most are done via email.
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